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In 2013 a doctor sawed open my head and spent 10 hours removing a large brain tumour - a meningioma to be specific. This album is about that experience and everything I learned from it.


released April 30, 2016


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Laptop Philharmonic UK

Progressive, piano-led electronic music act. Survivor of 10 hours of brain surgery. Christian.

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Track Name: Masterplan
Start with the skyline
Rule the horizon
Vanishing point perspective
Keep all the forms connected
Plan your pathway
Draw it through the decades
Restore the locus of control

Fineliner grass blades
Chairs match the lampshades
Directorship position
A private school for the children
In charge and organised
That's me in the centre of the foreground

Yeah it is.
Track Name: EtCeteraEt
Once a supernumerary lived in someone's fable
In a land where babies put on suits and babbled round a table
Made believe that they were queens and kings and they were able
To make decrees to keep the breeze from tumbling the cradle
Just a supernumerary stuck in someone else's fable

A big picture thinker's
Gotta think like a winner
With a positive outlook and a yes-sir, can-do attitude
Pursue innovation
Through strategic engagement
Together, moving forward with a set of target values

Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah

Take a holistic approach
A will to push out the boat and
Think outside of the box to find a new kind of efficiency
Your eye on the ball you
Take it to the next level we're
The movers and the shakers in pursuit of extra synergy

Blah blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah blah blah


Here a man was meant to be decisive in his actions
But all he did was react and react to his reactions
Maybe if he played their game he'd gain a little traction
Find his feet and keep the beat and dance to their satisfaction
Or all along were they singing that song sharp by just a fraction?
Track Name: Innermosts
I never expected this
Thought I'd kick and scream
At the crazy waters
Dragging me downstream

I'm not fighting
I won't fight

I never expected peace
Before a drop this tall
I close my eyes
Drift backwards to the waterfall

I'm not fighting
I won't fight

You said
I owe You nothing
So they owe me the same
You said it's alright
You said You'd take the blame
So when I meet You
I know there'll be no pain
No pain
No pain
Track Name: NightNight
Nothing's funny but I can't keep my face straight
Losing control of my physical space

I know you don't need
This but I'll be
What I will be - just another

We're running out of time so please could you pray
Don't want to leave you all behind in this state

I've signed
The dotted line
I hope I live to see you
Track Name: Innumerable
Through these words I understand
And the use of my hands
I have to
Praise You
My God, God of the Universe
The One watching over us

While there's breath in these lungs
And while I control this tongue
I have to
Praise You
My Lord, my Jesus
I knew you'd hear us

If I were to try
To put a number by the side
Of every good thing in my life
Could I do it?
Could I do it?
Of course not.

You're the light of the world
You're the light of the world
Track Name: Orientated
I awoke
Umbillical chords in my hands and neck
I just lay there
Like a bad joke
Spoon-fed by a surrogate
I just lay there

I baby-stepped
And clung to her like a limpet
Then I rested
I made a bet
And floated to the toilet
Then I rested

I awoke
And there I stayed
Peaceful in my weakness
As it sunk in
All the lies we spoke
What an awful way
How we lived as self-believers
As I lay there
As I rested
It sunk in
Track Name: Macroscope
I'm king Canute and the waves
Soaked from my toes to my brains

But not alone, but not alone

Our big picture hangs by a thread
Inches away from the end

And the unknown, and the unknown

And everywhere there's that voice
Blathering flattering noise

"You're in control, you're in control"

But when your limbs turn to lead
But when you daren't move your head
But when you're stuck in that bed

Then you know

You've been living in la-la land
Playing dress up with a curtain and a plastic crown
Track Name: Abscission
The trees release their leaves when it's the season
The kid casts his crown down on the frozen ground
And his sand castles sit there until the sea's in
While the world just whirls and twirls and turns around

I pulled my picture from its place of pride
Laid it face down on the floor before my LORD
And waited there to see what would transpire
What sublimely complex vistas HE would draw

Don't worry
Don't worry

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